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Value Dynamics for the Data Scientist

What is it ?

Today, development of Big Data and business analytics leads to new roles in the organization. Data scientist is a talent that has a rare combination of skills: analytical, technical, business and communication.

Value Dynamics is an in-company or open training specifically designed for data scientists to develop their ability to generate and deliver value from the results of their work in different formats to experts and non-expert audiences.

It is ideal for organizations interested in leveraging analytics to create a competitive advantage and data scientists who want to become trusted advisers and strong influencers.

Our Service

A 4-month engagement with organizations that includes an integral service grounded by methodologies such as Appreciative Inquiry, Ontological Coaching, Process Communication, Pyramid Principle and peer learning, co-creation, presentations and role playing practices.

It begins with an individual coaching session and is followed by a two days’ workshop that addresses participants to different communication situations and formats data scientists are confronted in their daily work. Two follow up individual coaching sessions are foreseen for the following three months to support projected progresses.

Value Dynamics helps data scientists to:

Increase the capability to observe their style of communication with different audiences

Develop effective communication strategies in order to present complex analysis results in different formats of presentation and thus accessible to diverse audiences, experts and non-experts (manager, sales, marketer, leader)

Improve this special communication ability through a personal development plan.

I have designed, developed and led the Career Advancement Program (CAP) of the Executive MBA of Solvay Brussels School.

CAP provides Executive MBA participants with a personalized journey to help clarify their career goals and how to attain them. This program combines transactional activities (e.g. writing an effective CV) and transformational reflections (during the MBA’s journey I observe that participants shift their worldview and open their horizon of possibilities through new acquired knowledge). As part of the MBA curriculum, CAP is an accredited program delivered by career professional and certified coaches.

 CAP consists of an intake weekend, a series of collective seminars and individual coaching sessions.

CAP provides participants with space and time to reflect on how to reinvent themselves and to develop their personal branding. The program content invites them to reflect on how to combine their previous experience and background with new knowledge and experience acquired with the Executive MBA curriculum to confidently envision new professional perspectives in line with their aspirations.

Some effective tools will help the participants through this process.

  1. First, Process Communication Model (PCM) is a model of discovering & understanding your own personality as those of the people with whom you interact. PCM is a very effective tool for enhancing communication. It is simple, pragmatic and immediately actionable.
  2. Second, ValuesOnline is a tool for establishing and understanding the values that drive you, your employees and your company. By aligning operational goals with personal values, ValuesOnline allows you to increase the individual engagement and professional performance throughout the workplace.

The GAP LAB, A New View of Conversation

Designed by Kimberly Hunn and Martine George

What is it?

The GAP LAB is an in-company learning journey to create the conditions necessary for a company in transition to better position itself when it has reached a critical pivot point.

To build a robust ecosystem, we map the network of conversations that define and drive your company to build awareness that conversational proficiency is a fundamental professional competence.

Our Service

We begin the learning journey with a one-day engagement to identify the conversational patterns and common “blind spots” in the daily business operations.

Together, we design core business practices that will develop conversational leadership within the entire organization. Supported by our coaching facilitation, pilot groups are created within each department or function to strengthen their ability to communicate, innovate and execute the next strategic step forward.


We blend different methodologies for maximum impact and integration in the formation of a new business cultural. They include Ontological Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry, Process Communication, Values Alignment, and World Cafe facilitation.

The Benefits

For companies interested in taking their business to the next level, Gap Lab helps clients shift the nature and quality of conversations to promote a more vibrant and agile business climate.

This conversational mastery develops collaborative capital as a distinct source of competitive advantage and enthusiasm for excellence in the workplace.

“People open up to possibilities when you approach them about their dreams, not about their problems”

Richard Boyatzis

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