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We offer tailored Leadership Development and Transition Coaching to help individuals develop their skills as a leader or to support them in profound change.


We specialize in bringing people together to do great things. We offer professional facilitation that provides support from design to implementation.


We offer Training on a variety of leadership concepts. Our passion for developing authentic leaders and experts heavily influences the focus of our work.


We offer consulting services in Strategic Business Analytics. We help you to design a data-driven strategy and to articulate a roadmap to implement it.


MGHolistic provides leadership development and transition coaching, workshop facilitation, consulting in Strategic Business Analytics and training. The essence is to accompany & challenge the client in order to (re)-activate that vision, passion, vitality & drive that are key in operating changes in strategy, leadership, corporate culture, performance and career management.

About Me

I am a bridge builder that connects seemingly unrelated ideas, boldly testing & continuously learning to walk in different worlds such as sciences, business, personal development and education. I have great hope for the future, think holistically while keeping a pragmatic approach and cultivate a tolerance for complexity and ambiguity.


“I had the pleasure and the luck to have Martine George as a career coach during my MBA programme at Solvay Business School. From day-One, I was impressed by her high emotional intelligence. During our sessions, Martine had this fantastic ability to deep listen and to ask me thought-provoking questions without being intrusive. I can tell that her coaching style opened my mind to new possibilities because Martine really cares about her coachee to reach his full potential”

Eric Niati Niati, Regional Account Director

Southern Africa at BICS, South Africa

“Depuis la création de notre entreprise il y a 2 ans, Martine nous accompagne avec mon associé à travers des sessions trimestrielles. Martine nous a aidé à identifier les caractéristiques de notre binôme et capitaliser efficacement dessus. Grâce à elle nous avons appris à tirer profit de nos forces et à travailler nos faiblesses. Ce que j’apprécie particulièrement lors de nos échanges avec Martine c’est la complémentarité de son approche. Elle est basée sur un fondement théorique qui s’exprime toujours avec des retours de terrains très concrets”

Hugues Renou

Co-fondateur de Team Drill, Paris

“I have worked with Martine on more than one occasion. I always find that any work Martine does is thorough, excellent and well executed. Martine has a wide knowledge in analytics techniques. She also has got strong competencies in training, coaching and animating “community building” events. During our Customer Analytics seminar regrouping 70 people from 7 countries, Martine organized a World Café. She was the facilitator of the World Café and achieved to get everybody involved and deeply interested. This event extremely appreciated by all the participants, allowed networking and encouraged the spirit of community.”

Odile Tracol

Community Manager, BNP Paribas, Paris

“I could benefit from Martine’s excellent coaching to help me find my path at an important moment in my career. Her ability to deep listen, ask the right questions and identify what’s important to me has been instrumental to find my next challenge. Her rich network also helped me realize what kind of career I could envisage for my future”

Michael Malcorps

Logistics & SCM Director at Oolu, Senegal

“I have been lucky to be coached by Martine during my MBA at Solvay, at a critical time of my career where I was evolving from technical roles to management and entrepreneurship. With her deep listening skills and very relevant tools like Process Communication, she manages to offer this external, informed, yet very respectful eye on situations, that was extremely useful for me to understand what it is that I really want to achieve, and to be. What it is also that I need to work on for self-improvement. We all have dreams, but we silence them all too often, because big dreams come with real battlefields. Martine helped me to better understand my dreams, my purpose, and to engage into making them real!”

Sébastien Baré

PhD, Entrepreneur

“The team building Appreciating Collaboration had absolutely all the ingredients to cook a memorable team event: get to know each other’s, celebrate success, capitalize on individual and collective strengths, think out of the box, and most important. have fun! Martine orchestrated the event with energy and humour, and the collaborators left the place with smiles on their faces and their batteries fully charged!”

Jean-François Vanderschrick

Head of Data Analytics - Corporate Banking at BNP Paribas Fortis

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