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Conversational Leadership

“Conversations are the way workers discover what they know, share it with their colleagues, and in the process create new knowledge for the organization. In the new economy, conversations are the most important form of work … so much so that the conversation is the organization.”

”What’s so new about the new economy” Alan Webber, Harvard Business Review

Conversational Leadership takes root when leaders see their organizations as dynamic webs of conversation and consider this conversation as a core process for effecting positive systemic change. Taking a strategic approach to this core process can not only grow intellectual and social capital, but also provide a collaborative advantage in our increasingly networked world.


We have recently facilitated World Cafes :

on "Talent Management in Business Analytics" at Predictive Analytics World Conference, London

on « Fostering a Customer analytics Community » at BNP Paribas, Paris


Conversational Leadership is based on and supported by the World Cafe Methodology. This practice is certified by Fielding University, CA, USA and we design and facilitate the method for organizations, communities and international conferences.

The method is simple and very effective. In a World Café conversation, participants are seated in groups of four or five around small tables or in conversation clusters. This group explores “questions that matter” in a collaborative thinking process during a period of around 20 minutes.

At the end of this time, the participants move and disperse to integrate new groups in other tables. All of them except one that stays as a host of the new members of that table or cluster and share with them the highlights of the previous conversational period.

This shows that a variety of insightful viewpoints and ideas nourish one another and spread obtaining the best contribution of each participant to the various topics of interest discussed in the tables.

Cross-pollinating insights, learning, and opportunities for action through a “harvest” of the conversations in the whole group.

Established teams can perform more effectively by learning through this methodology.

“Management is not about making decisions; it is about initiating and guiding conversations.”


Fernando Flores

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